Multiple Instances of Firefox at the same time

I don’t know if the MOZ_NO_REMOTE workaround is still necessary for Firefox 2.0, but I do know I’m at the point where I want to run multiple Firefox profiles at the same time. I kept searching for firefox instances concurrently, but apparently I’m going to run multiple profiles concurrently, not instances. Oh, well. I used […]


The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s voluntary collective licensing plan is the only real way to get out of the “piracy” problems on the web today. The only problem is that the labels would receive far less of a cut than today, though this may still be the same or a greater amount dollars. I’d also like […]


Why does it annoy me so much … why isn’t there a truly good alternative (including netcast support)? It like totally infests the machine. Would it be too much trouble to ask that iTunes (and the bundled programs) only run when I ask it to? At least give me the option. Why the heck is […]

Internet Explorer 7 standards compliance

There were huge discussions about IE7 being better at supporting web standards, but it didn’t mean microsoft finished implementing support for the primary web standard: HTML. IE7 doesn’t support all of the elements (“element” meaning “a fundamental or essential constituent of a composite entity”). It leaves out the Q element for short inline quotations. How […]