Wemo App: Dark Mode

I’m up in the middle of the night. I need to walk to another room of the house. I go to use the Wemo app to remotely turn on lights, so I don’t wake my wife by turning on the lights in our bedroom. Unfortunately, when I open the app, I’m greeted with a whole screen of white. It hurts my eyes, and my wife stirs in her sleep. Dark mode is nothing new, and a light switch app is all about keeping things light or dark at the appropriate time.

Wemo app is almost purely white.

Bonus rant: Wemo switches need a dark mode themselves. When they’re off, they still have a white glowing circle on them. That’s fine for common areas of the house to make them easier to find in the dark. But in the bedroom, I need a setting to turn that light on the switch off, so I can sleep in a dark room. My workaround has been white electrical tape to cover it, but that’s a ridiculous solution.