Backup Software

I want backup software that does incremental backups at the file level. It might waste more space, but it would be easier to retrieve lost files. It should make a folder for each date-time (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS) it finds a changed file (continuous backup). It should just store complete files (not a single giant backup file). It […]


I think that we’d end up with a healthier economy if we’d simplify the tax code to just one law. It should simply be: For any sale by an American (or American Company), the local government gets X percent, the state government gets X percent, and the federal government gets X percent. That way the […]

Black & Decker GH1000 GrassHogXP [updated 1/1/2009]

My yard is larger than an average suburban yard. I tried a gas powered weed wacker (line trimmer), but it was overkill. I just got the Black & Decker GH1000, and it works quite well, considering it’s one of the most miserable kinds of tools to use. I followed consumer reports’s suggestion, and though CS […]

Save and Save As

I really can’t stand software that makes me save all the time.  I like the Save As… feature, but mostly so I can set a bookmark of revision (or to make sure I have a revert avenue after any layout or file corruption).  I love how Jeff Johnson describes Save: One concept that developers often […]