Snooze Interval

It drives me nuts that the iPhone snooze interval is 9 minutes. How did they get this number? Why can’t you set it yourself? “How to nap” ( seems to show an optimal minimum time of 20 minutes, so that’s what I’d like it to be. But it would be even better if everyone could […]

iOS Photos App: Display Filename and Metadata 

Unfortunately, iOS on the iPhone doesn’t natively support the display of photo filenames or metadata like Photos (and iPhoto before it) on the Mac.  According to Apple Support, it’s a built-in feature to display a photo’s file name in the Photos app on the iPad. In iOS 8, there’s enough room next to the sharing icon, […]

Auto Question Mark?

Have I posted this yet? On iOS, when you press two spaces after a word, it puts a period to end the sentence. Why doesn’t it add a question mark automatically when the sentence starts with a question word (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)? In most cases it would be correct, and in others […]

Lock Screen

My suggested features: 1. Allow contacts to be set as emergency numbers and also allow to be called in addition to 911. Update 2014-09-15: This can now be done in Apple’s Health app on iOS 8. 2. Allow contacts to be added without unlocking. This poses no more risk than photos being shot without unlocking. […]


Reasons Adobe drives me crazy: 1. Every time Flash updates, it won’t remember that I want to be notified of updates but not automatically install them. 2. After every Flash update it opens my browser automatically without being asked to. Opening a browser is my job. 3. This took me over six months to diagnose: […]

Etymology Guess: Loo

I haven’t googled this yet to see if it’s true, but (I was going through old notes and found my thought process) I wonder if this is the etymology of “loo” for restroom: l’eau = water (in French) water closet = bathroom (in UK) “loo” = bathroom (update: It looks like the source is unknown, […]

Still A Fan Of Netflix

I have been a Netflix customer for a long time. I’m so glad they decided to keep “partitioned accounts” after announcing they were going to get rid of them. In the past, they reversed a price increase. Recently, they did not back down after splitting disc and streaming plans (but that one didn’t bother me […]

Piracy Is Lending, Not Theft

I’ve said this for a long time, but my audience is very small, so I’m glad someone with a bigger audience agrees (video below). I’m not ripping off artists if I download their works for free. I don’t think (m)any are. The way I look at it, I give as much as I can. Does […]

A “Real” Artist Gets It

The bit about being inspired by those artists that step before you was interesting, but I’m glad to see Francis Ford Coppola pondering the same idea (of artists making a living) I wrote about a couple years ago: Francis Ford Coppola On Art, Copying And File Sharing: We Want You To Take From Us … […]

Bandwidth Caps Are Deceptive

Time to revisit my post, “Dramatically Lower Bandwidth Cap” from May 30. It turns out it sparked a mini debate. I am disappointed with joetron2030’s suggestion to “leave” the offending ISP. It seems that Clear does offer uncapped service (but for how long: “… there is pretty strong language in Clear’s Acceptable Use Policy about […]

Removing Adobe Bonjour CS3 to fix Gateway Address (I hate Adobe)

In my top 100 things that piss me off is Adobe. I think their motto is “Mistreat Your Users.” I found hundreds of pages on this issue, but only one full solution (and it wasn’t from Adobe) to remove Adobe Bounjour installed with CS3 which causes network problems. Thank you to Raine at TechArena Community. […]