Why does it annoy me so much … why isn’t there a truly good alternative (including netcast support)?

It like totally infests the machine. Would it be too much trouble to ask that iTunes (and the bundled programs) only run when I ask it to? At least give me the option.

Why the heck is is so large of a program? Why does it consume so many resources?

There should be more advanced settings (there should actually be a “configure” mode for all programs) for power users, and extensions would be nice, too.

I should be able to rip songs and encode them using an external encoder like LAME.

By Zakhar

I, Zakhar Kolleen Lutgardis, write about things that don't piss me off. That's pretty much my standard test when deciding if I like something. If it does not piss me off, then I'm happy.

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