Lock Screen

My suggested features:

1. Allow contacts to be set as emergency numbers and also allow to be called in addition to 911. Update 2014-09-15: This can now be done in Apple’s Health app on iOS 8.

2. Allow contacts to be added without unlocking. This poses no more risk than photos being shot without unlocking. It allows you to hand your phone to some one you just now want their contact info, but you’re not comfortable handing them your unlocked phone, so they can type in their info for you.

3. (added 2014-10-12) Allow the Control Center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen) to be customized, so (for example) I can have a Personal Hotspot icon instead of Bluetooth since I leave Bluetooth off all the time anyway.

By Zakhar

I, Zakhar Kolleen Lutgardis, write about things that don't piss me off. That's pretty much my standard test when deciding if I like something. If it does not piss me off, then I'm happy.