• Tiny Laptops For Fresno Grade School Kids — I think that we do need OLPC for US kids
  • The White Continent — Beautiful
  • The Mainstreaming of Atheism — Sunday School for Atheists — good luck being respected for your beliefs in the US if you’re atheist … Philip Pullman’s trilogy is being banned from public school book fairs as we speak
  • Small change in IMAP Protocol could help reduce SPAM — this is one step closer to the setup I’d like to see. IMAP should just be notified that there’s a message in the outbox of someone and it’s for you. Then you’d be able to ignore it or download it to your inbox. If it sat in the sender’s box long enough, then that outbox would fill , and if it was spam, then the account would become useless. It would shift the download burden to the sender. You could set your IMAP client to auto-download from any entities you’d already oked.